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That's Bigblue, (All one word)
Bigblue Product Design.
5 Creative minds bringing products from the sketchpad to production since 1995.
Hard work has taken us from factories and art school through the online revolution, to expertise in e-commerce and creative design. We're the brains behind a number of online businesses and the creators of a whole host of award winning products.
150 Projects
We could design anything. We happen to do a few things exceptionally well. Range-cookers and Wood-burners are what we're known for. What's not knows is the vast array of products we develop in fields as diverse as Life Sciences and DIY... You name it, we've probably been involved.
The Exploitation of Technology
With a sharp pencil and advanced digital tools, we use our knowledge of manufacturing to create products for an ever changing world. Throughout the process we never loose sight of the need to add value to your product through simple effective product design.